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Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese treatment that has overtime gained global recognition from medical professionals as an effective therapy for pain and a host of other conditions. The WHO recognizes over 40 physical and mental health, which can be effectively treated by acupuncture. These range from musculoskeletal diseases and skin conditions to emotional issues and gynecological conditions. The right acupuncture San Diego specialist could be the answer to your painful conditions.

Acupuncture is both an art and science in practice, and it is beyond just using needles. It requires an in-depth understanding of how the body works and whole sections of the skin. The needles stimulate these sections by accurately targeting specific parts of the skin rich in nerves, which in turn trigger respective body functions in glands, tissues, and organs that result in the required effect.

Benefits of Acupuncture

Contrary to the picture portrayed the process is not painful nor uncomfortable and offers numerous benefits including the following;

Pain Management

Acupuncture is an excellent pain relief therapy for many conditions and has proven to be effective, whether in injury recovery or neurological conditions.


It is a non-invasive procedure that results in fast recovery and places you at no risk of injury or pain associated with the treatment.

No Side Effects

Unlike other pain therapies, there are no side effects after the treatment, and it can be styled to suit a person’s unique needs and medical condition.

Safely Supplements Other Treatments

Acupuncture can be used safely with other drugs and therapies, supplementing them without any contraindication or negative effect.

What to look for in the best acupuncturist

You will need to be under the care of the best acupuncturist to reap maximum benefits from acupuncture and even use it as an alternative medicine.

Here is how to know you have such a specialist


There is no going around the need for proper training and credentials. Acupuncture is a precision therapy, and each condition requires a specific approach. The right credentials show that at least the person treating you is knowledgeable in the treatment.

Experience and Expertise

Experience comes with years of practice, and with credentials and further training, it helps build expertise. These two help an acupuncturist perform the right diagnosis and prescribe the most effective approach to a patient.


Beyond their skills and expertise, and acupuncturist should communicate clearly and plainly to the patients. An essential part of this is listening and paying attention to the patients’ needs and concerns. Find an acupuncturist who seeks to understand you and also makes sure you comprehend the treatment process without being pushy or brushing off your worries.

Feedback and Reviews

You can gauge the suitability of an acupuncturist based on the kind of feedback you get from prior patients using referral sites, contacts from the specialists, social media pages, and other review sites.

Why choose Acupuncture Continuum for Your Services

If you are looking for the best acupuncture San Diego specialist, then Acupuncture Continuum is the right place for you. We have the necessary experience and expertise, providing acupuncture services since 1996. All the staff are certified professionals, and our acupuncturist is fully licensed and has a Masters in Oriental Medicine.

Our clinic also offers treatment for various conditions, including pain management, women’s health concerns, and facial rejuvenation. We also embrace oriental herbal medicines to provide excellent natural care. Contact us today for a free consultation and let us plan a treatment plan that will start your journey to relief.

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